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Google Changes its algorithm every year more than 500–600 times, while most of the updates are minor. Recently Google has confirmed a “Core” update and named it as “March 2019 core update”. The information that I was given is that this update is one of the biggest updates in years. By twitter “Google SearchLiaison” tweeted as we named it as March 2019 core update because to avoid confusion: what type of update it was and when it happened.

What is the Goal of this core update?

With this update, some of the sites may gain and some may be losing their ranking. Some of them saying that with this update Google is targeting medicine/health related space. But, Google has said there was no specific target at medical or health sites with that as of August 1st update.

Here’s what Sullivan tweet said:

“There’s no ‘fix’ for pages that may perform less well other than to remain focused on building great content. Over time, it may be that your content may rise relative to other pages.”

In my opinion, what this update means if you are in SEO filed then you might have known google algorithms updates are done to fix the issues. The Penguin update was done to handle the link spam issues, while the pigeon update was done to regulate the local search ranking of sites.

Likely everything is affected in the core update. There is no specific target of niche, no industry, just google doing their things-just revamping the whole system.

Therefore, the only fix would probably boil down to quality contents-as you create and publish quality content, you’re sure of boosting your user experience which will, in turn, lead to a boost in your search ranking.

On the other side, some webmasters who use black hat SEO strategies are facing downfall because websites that rely heavily on anchor texts optimization are losing their rank on SERPs. But other webmasters who use black hat SEO strategies are experiencing gains as they rank higher in search results.

The primary objective of Google is to offer value to its users, and you can rank your website high with this core update if you offer good quality content to the user

-By Giri.M

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