IP Telephony Solutions : Voice over the IP or Internet Services

Business organizations have traditionally separated their voice and data networks, doubling the cost of equipment and maintenance, support staff and training. However, voice over IP networks is being increasingly used by Individual and Corporate users. With IP telephony, it is possible to remove the costly PBX and replace it with a voice and data gateway implementing IP Telephony. Now a days, most routers that are used with data networks are coming with voice capability.

By using appropriate gateway, voice and data can be multiplexed and carried together without the need for a separate voice carrier. This in turn reduces the equipment, maintenance, and running costs significantly. Typical applications include Central office and branch office communications, call centers, and remote communications.

Benefits of IP telephony:

  • Significant reduction in the cost compared to discrete voice and data networks.

  • Reduction in the maintenance, support and training of personnel associated with voice and data networks

  • Unified messaging using state of the art technology

  • Better return on investment (ROI).

  • Increased functionality with value added services such as SMS, and others.