Wireless Networking : Network Security, VPN, Wireless LAN Standards

Wireless LANs: A comparison of 802.11 and Bluetooth standards:

802.11 is divided primarily into three sub-standards, viz. 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g among others. The following table distinguishes the differences and similarities between these standards and Bluetooth. Bluetooth is an alternative wireless network technology that followed a different development path than the 802.11 family of standards. ..More

Network security needs to be defined preferably using a Security Policy. The security policy document is a comprehensive document covering areas of security preparation, prevention, and response. Security ..More

Virtual Private Networks:

  • What is a Virtual Private Network?

  • How a VPN differs fron and ordinary Internet connection?

  • How a VPN differs from an Intranet using leased line connection?

  • Benefits of VPNs

1.What is a Virtual Private Network?

A VPN is a network that is constructed by using public Internet (or any other public media) to connect systems (also called as nodes) for transporting data. These systems use encryption and other security mechanisms to ensure that only authorized users can access the network and that the data cannot be intercepted. ... More