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Website Promotion Guide: The guide provides a step by step way of promoting a web site to search engines and directories. Please note that these are the opinions of the authors and is not based on any scientifically proven data.

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Web Page Design Tips: 1.Frames:Avoid frames. Though search engines have limited ability to crawl framesets, they have the following disadvantages:

1.1 Not all search engines have the ability to crawl and index pages using framesets.

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Wireless LANs: A comparison of 802.11 and Blue tooth standards:

802.11 is divided primarily into three sub-standards, viz. 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g among others. The following table distinguishes the differences and similarities between these standards and Blue tooth. Blue tooth is an alternative wireless network technology that followed a different development path than the 802.11 family of standards.

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