Comptia Certification Training and Practice Tests

CompTIA® provides vendor neutral certifications in Computer hardware, operating systems, Internet technologies, Internet security, and others. The certifications offered by CompTIA® are recognized by leading computer and IT industries in the world. The certifications offered by CompTIA® are valid for life, in that they do not have an expiration date. However, CompTIA® recommends that the candidate upgrade the certification as new revisions are introduced, to stay current with the technologies.

Some of the most popular certifications offered by CompTIA® are:

A+ Certification:

This certification is aimed at testing one's knowledge in computer hardware and Windows operating systems (Particularly client side). It consists of two individual exams: A+ core 1 exam, and A+ Core 2 exam. As the names suggest, the former covers the computer hardware including the BIOS start-up sequence, and the latter covers Operating Systems, primarily Windows Operating Systems. Linux is excluded from this exam, as it is covered in the Linux+ certification. More details on CompTIA A+ certification.

Network+ Certification:

This certification is geared towards the understanding of TCP/IP networking fundamentals.

Linux+ Certification:

The Linux+ certification tests competency for technicians with six-months experience installing, operating and maintaining Linux operating systems.

Server+ Certification:

Server+ certification is aimed at testing mid- to upper-level technicians responsible for server hardware functionality. The credential validates advanced-level technical competency of server issues and technology, including installation, configuration, upgrading, maintenance, troubleshooting and disaster recovery.

i-Net+ Certification:

The i-Net+ certification tests foundation-level competency in knowledge of Internet, Intranet & Extranet technologies. The i-Net+â„¢ certification is recognized as a baseline technical knowledge specifically designed to certify entry-level Internet and e-commerce technical professionals. i-Net+ certified candidates demonstrate knowledge and competency in Internet basics and clients, development, networking, Internet security and business concepts.

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