Network Simulators For Cisco and Juniper Certifications

We are glad to provide Cisco/Juniper network simulators ( at our brand site,

The products available include the following:

Network Simulator Designer and Practice Tests

The following are the features of the Network Simulator w/Designer (Please note that this is a purely software application and not an emulator):

  • Cisco® router console simulation

  • Support for any number of routers and switches.

  • You can design your own router/switch network and experiment. It is possible to save the work and recall it at a later time.

  • Supports most of the commonly used router commands. Currently, 200+ commands are supported and increasing.

  • 100+ labs are made available for practice. You can simply load any lab dynamically and start practicing.

  • Short form command support: The IOS simulator provides support for short form commands.

  • 250+ on-line ccna practice questions are provided with this version.

CCNA Network Simulator with Designer

The product comes with all the features stated above except on-line practice questions for CCNA.

CCNA Network Simulator

All the features supported by Network Simulator with Designer except design part. You will not be able to design your own network. The default network diagram needs to be used. This is good for those who are new to routers, and just started practicing.

4. Juniper Junos router simulator :

We have recently added a Junos simulator. Please note that the software is still under beta release.

The software is offered in demo version. The full version can be unlocked by purchasing the product from The router simulator can be download from

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