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Search engine optimization (SEO promotion) is an important aspect of any individual or Corporate website promotion. The process involves optimization of the website, and promoting it with the objective of increasing the potential customer visits significantly. Though there are several hundreds of search engines, the most significant are very few. These are Google, Altavista, Yahoo (portal that primarily use Google, and its own directory for search results), MSN (Primarily uses InkTomi, and Look Smart), AskJeeves, Alltheweb. However, currently Google powers nearly 70% of the search results, and hence the most significant factor for any serious web promotion. According to OneStat, the market share is given as below:

Google 54.7%
Yahoo 22.1%
MSN Search 9.5%
AOL Search 3.7%
Terra Lycos 2.8%
Altavista 2.5%
Askjeeves 1.5%'s search engine optimization is result oriented, and aimed at the most important search engines/directories mentioned above. We provide measurable performance improvement to our clients periodically. We believe, submitting to hundreds of engines and directories is a waste of time and effort. However, note that the search engines change their algorithms from time to time, and it is important that you improve the website content and performance from time to time to remain competitive.