10 Free and Paid Directory Submissions that works

What is Directory Submission in Website Promotion?

Directory submission is a way of promoting a website on the public Internet to ensure better visibility. The provider maintains a database of submitted websites by using appropriate categories and subcategories. By doing directory submission, you list your website in various directories that are best suited to the products/services offered by your website. There are Paid and free directories that accept website listings.

Does directory submissions still work?

We know SEO strategies change every year and we too know backlinks are the backbone to the website for better ranking. But in recent years directory submissions are taken on less priority by webmasters, and only high authority sites are being considered for submission. Google no longer consider all the links equally and Google algorithms are more complex. Google's Mueller himself has said that directory links "generally" don't help with SEO. Submitting to directories can be done with some important points in mind

1. Is this a high authority site: If not it is waste of your time to submit listing

2. Is my target audience likely to visit this site? If not, it's probably not worth listing your business.

3. Do they provide a direct link to the website? It is preferred to get a direct link from the directory to the website.

Always select relevant categories and subcategories while submitting your listing. If submitted to a wrong category, it may happen that your website may lose ranking for some relevant keywords. Finally, Directory Submissions is not a spammy technique when it’s done properly. Directory submission for SEO still works fine. But as I said earlier, it has to be done appropriately.

Benefits of Directory Submission in SEO:

  • It helps to index more pages.

  • Higher link popularity.

  • Better ranking and fast indexing.

  • Get Quality directory traffic.

  • Reputation of your website is increased in search engine crawlers when there is good link to website

Web directories that still works

Paid Directories

1.Best of the Web : Best of the web (BOTW in short) still receives 70,000–90,000 visits per month. It is still one of the most trusted online directory used by 16 million businesses

2. B2B Yellow Pages : This website receives 500,000 visits per month and it is still a viable web directory of over 16 million businesses.

3. BrownBook : Brownbook claims over 38 million global business listings in 200 countries. It receives around 100,000 visits per month.

4. Yelp : Listing your business in Yelp will help in finding your business for the customers and get more positive reviews

5. Yahoo : It is one of the third most famous search engines, listing your business in yahoo local starts at $8.25 per month.

6. Blogarama : Blogarama is the oldest directory that lets you submit your blog there with DA of 63 which costs $9.9 per month

7. AddMe.com : AddMe became one of the Internet’s first websites to offer tools and information to help small business owners promote their sites online. AddMe attracts over 45,000 visitors per month

8. hotvsnot.com : you can submit your website here for the price of $30 for 6 months and the domain authority is 40

9. abc-directory.com : abc-directory is one of the oldest websites which has DA of 40. This site charges $49 as one-time payment and there is no annual renewal required

10. Spoke.com : On Spoke, you can add a web listing for a business or a person. It receives over 80,000 monthly visitors.

Free Submission Sites

1. SoMuch.com : This is a free website with domain authority of 36 and allows you a direct link to the website

2. Ontoplist : This is a site you can add your listing by giving reciprocal link in your website or paying $29.99 per year

3. Active search result : Here you can directly add your website link and valid email id. This website has the domain authority of 42

4. usalistingdirectory : This is a free directory listing website. It has domain authority of 35 it is good to submit you listing for usalisting

5. viesearch.com : Viesearch is one of the best directory sites with the domain authority of 42 and helps you in website ranking

6. Cyndislist : Cyndi’s List is free for everyone to use and it is meant to be your starting point when listing your website. DA is 53

7. addurl.nu : This is a free site to submit the listing. Before submitting the website You need to submit the reciprocal link in your website to get an approval of your site

8. wldirectory : Wildirectory is a free directory submission site. It is one of the best site to do listings

9.Pegasusdirectory : Pegasus Directory is a free general web directory that specifically fits your needs!

10.MarketingInternetDirectory : Marketing Internet Directory is a free general web directory. This website has the domain authority of 36

There are many more to add this list but based on their current traffic numbers (and lack thereof), I’m not sure they’re worth the effort anymore.

-By Giri.M

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