Google Changes Referral Program For Adsense

Google has recently announced a Referral Program for its Google Adsense.

1. $100 for each new referral they deliver to Google Adsense. The referral must earn at least $100 from the Adsense program to be eligible. Google provides different sizes of logo that needs to be used by the webmasters on to their web pages.

2. Webmasters can receive up to $1 for each download of the Firefox browser with the Google toolbar. The Firefox browser is increasing used in place of Internet Explorer, and its market share is said to be around 20%.

Google Adsense has provided a simple and effective way for webmasters to monetize their sites. Webmasters place the Adsense code on their web pages and Google delivers targeted ads dynamically (while the page loads) based on the web page content. This is called contextual advertising. The content is further divided in to keywords or key phrases. In addition to the key phrases, it is also important that the website is an authority site. Provided that the site is an authority site (offering unique and useful content), and the key phrases have good market value, webmasters can get decent income from their websites.

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