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Search Engine Dependency Periodic Table of SEO Success Factor

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Major Search Engines

Portals powered by respective search engine

P: Primary source of search results.
S: Secondary source for search results.


Yahoo(P), AOL Search(P), Go.com(P), iWon search(P), Netscape search(P)


Lycos(P), AlltheWeb(P)


HotBot (Primary), MSN(S), Overture(S), LookSmart(S), Excite(S)




Ask Jeeves(S) ; Ask Jeeves is a search engine also.

Ask Jeeves

Netscape (S)


Google, Altavista, Lycos, AOL Search, Netscape, Hotbot, Ask Jeeves

Overture (PPC engine)

MSN, Yahoo, Lycos, Hotbot, Excite, Altavista.

Note that only major search engines or directories are shown. Several other search engines and directories are not shown for simplicity.