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Web Applications Development

The requirement for web based services including user registration, member only web sites are on the raise. This is because web applications are gradually replacing several of conventional desk-top based applications. One popular example is web-based email service. 

Examples of web-based applications:

  • Email services such as Yahoo! or Gmail

  • Closed user group web services like myspace

  • Online ticketing web sites for airlines or railways, like

The following are the advantages of web-based applications:

  • Sharing within group from anywhere in the world

  • You don't need to maintain the computer, as the web host does it

  • Very high availability, some hosts like offer near 100% availability

  • Be on the leading edge of technology, because, now-a-days it's the trend.

  • Well developed solutions for ecommerce sites, matrimonial sites, closed user group sites, etc.

Our main advantage above those of our competitors is our ability to develop any web application website in-house and often at much lower rates. We can provide you all the services from domain name registration and hosting to development and ongoing maintenance of any web applications web site.

Anandsoft offers the very best in web applications development, and web programming to ensure good user experience. The software is rigorously checked for bugs, and the proper functioning of the applications. 

Normally, all web applications use a back-end database applications. We are specialized in using MySQL, an Open Source database with advanced features for ecommerce transactions.

Database integration is required for the following:

  • Data capture

  • Member authentication

  • Indexing and searching

  • eCommerce and shopping

  • User interactivity, with personalized content

We use reputed, established, and stable technologies such as PHP, MySQL and Perl for development of web applications  

In most cases we recommend that a site be created using PHP\MySQL as opposed to ASP. PHP\MySQL has proven in our experience to be a very flexible and stable development platform. The development costs for PHP sites are often less because most several third party (as well as Open Source applications) applications are available making PHP/MySQL the most widely used language on the Web.