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Anandsoft.com’s Learning and Assessment System (LAAS) is a comprehensive software platform designed to help educational institutions and corporate organizations create, deliver, and manage online learning and assessment programs.

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LAAS provides a range of features and tools to facilitate interactive, engaging, and effective learning experiences, including:

  1. Course authoring: LAAS allows educators to create interactive, multimedia-rich online courses, complete with videos, images, audio, quizzes, and assignments, using a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

2. Assessment tools: LAAS provides a variety of assessment tools, including multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, true/false, and matching questions, as well as essay and short-answer questions. Assessments can be timed or untimed, and the system can be configured to provide automatic grading or manual grading.

3. Learning management: LAAS offers a complete learning management system (LMS), which includes features such as student registration and enrollment, course scheduling and tracking, progress reporting, and certificate generation.

4. Tools: LAAS includes a range of collaboration tools, including discussion forums, and chat rooms, allowing students and instructors to engage in real-time collaboration and communication.

5. Reporting and analytics: LAAS provides detailed reports and analytics, allowing instructors to track student progress, identify strengths and weaknesses, and adjust their teaching approach accordingly.

6. Mobile compatibility: LAAS is mobile-compatible, allowing students and instructors to access the platform and participate in courses and assessments from anywhere, at any time, using their smartphones or tablets.

Summary: Anandsoft.com’s Learning and Assessment System is a comprehensive and user-friendly platform designed to help educational institutions and corporate organizations create, deliver, and manage online learning and assessment programs. With its course authoring, assessment tools, learning management, collaboration tools, reporting and analytics, and mobile compatibility features, LAAS provides a valuable resource for individuals seeking to improve their knowledge and skills in a flexible, interactive, and engaging online learning environment.

Anand Software Releases Learning and Assessment Software Update

Anand Software and Training, an eLearning solutions provider, updated it’s flagship product Learning and Assessment Software recently. The update enables detailed pass criteria and granular scoring system. The main features available with the “First of it’s kind” software are:

  1. Author engine – that enables authors to write questions, answers, and explanations and provide categories and sub categories. Please check this link for more information on features available:


  1. Exam engine- This is the most comprehensive engine available to date. It enables authors or super users with complete control of exam environment, right from which navigation buttons are available to candidates, whether remote proctoring should be enables, etc. Please check this link for more information are available options.


  1. Content engine – This is an innovative and comprehensive module that enables authors to develop and distribute content. Most of the available content formats are supported including pdfs, audio visuals, MS office formats, and others. Please check this link for more information.


The trial version may be downloaded from here:


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AnandSoft Releases Learning and Assessment Software for eLearning

Anand Software and Training, an innovative eLearning provider, released “Learning and Assessment Software  (LAAS)”  to help provide eLearning tools to students, institutes, and organizations.  The software is a complete solution for offering content and assessment exams online, be it an academic institute or an organization. The software consists of four modules as mentioned below:

      1. Author module
      2. Content module
      3. Exam module
      4. Reporting

The author module offers authors a means to create users, groups, exams, and content. The author may import or create a list of candidates and assign the select candidates to one or more groups. The groups may in turn be assigned one or more content/exam modules created by the author. Granular control of candidates, content, and exams is provided in the software. As may be seen in the figure above, it consists of  Author options, Exam Options, Group Options, Candidate Options, Content Options, and Import/Export. In a typical flow chart, the admin creates authors, and then the author(s) creates content, exams, and add groups (or classes) to one or more exams.  For complete features available with the authoring software, please check out the Author Engine home page.

The Content module delivers content in various forms, including plain text, rich text, pdf, and multimedia. The content may be organized hierarchically. It is also possible to embed youtube videos in the content, without the need for reproducing or reformating the youtube videos. Also, Microsoft Office documents may be delivered with the content engine. For more information, please visit the Content Engine home page.

The exam module is responsible for delivering assessment tests to the candidates as chosen by the author. Questions may consist of simple text/html, pdf, exhibit-based, or multimedia. Several exam configuration options such as disabling some navigation buttons (for example, you don’t want the candidate to go back or provide a review) are provided.  As may be seen in the picture above, several features such as text resizing, full-screen view, night view, bookmarking, etc provided. For more information on exam engine features, please visit the exam engine home page.

The reporting module analyzes and provides the results in the format that is configured by the author. The overall pass, category wise or sub-category-wise scores may be displayed. It is possible to provide conditional pass criteria such as declaring an overall pass only if a candidate passes certain categories or sub-categories. The statistics are available on the server-side for further processing and analysis.

Note that the software is specifically designed for delivering content and assessments to students, and not a school management software that is widely available elsewhere. Rich features are built into the software for content creation, assessment, and reporting.  Download a free trial version of the software from the product home page, Learning and Assessment Software.

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