Lab Sims

A+ labsim  offered by include several labs for thorough hands-on practice in a virtual network/system environment. The lab simulator is intended for candidates preparing for A+ certification exams or any similar computer hardware and networking exams.

Check out the available labs here:

Network+ labsim offered by includes 1)Virtual network simulator, 2) Network designer 3) GUI based network simulator and 4) Networking Essentials manual. The labsim is useful for candidates preparing for Network+, CCENT, and similar certification exams as well as those intending to learn networking in general.

Checkout the available labs here:

The labsims have chapter-end multiple choice questions for self evaluation of candidates. It is recommended that candidates go though the manual thoroughly to understand the concepts well. Certexams also provides exam sims on A+ and Network+ that complements the labsim products. The A+ examsim provides up to 500 questions with flash card explanations, and the Network+ examsim provides up to 450 questions with flash card answers. Checkout the examsim pages for free demo download and ordering full version of the products here:

Examsims provide a timed exam environment and useful in exam preparation because they usually cost much less than the actual test and provide similar difficulty  level as that of the actual exam.


  1. What is the difference between a labsim and an examsim?
    1. Exam sims provide a simulated exam environment (similar to that of actual exam) where as the labsims provide a virtual networking environment for candidates to practice configurations and troubleshooting of devices and connections, just as in a computer lab.
  2. Do we need both labsim and examsim for A+ exam preparation?
    1. Yes, both are recommended. Labsims complement Examsims as the former provides hands-on skills improvement where as the latter provides a simulated exam environment similar to that of the actual exam.
  3. How many labs are available in A+ labsim?
    1. Dozens of labs are available For complete list of available labs please visit the product pages here:
  4. What features are available in labsims?
    1. The labsims feature chapter-end questions, flash cards, essential manuals, online activation, online updates, and support by email.
  5. Labsims cover all the exam objectives?
    1. The labsims are provided as a learning tool with the ultimate objective of providing the candidates with much needed hands-on skills. They are not developed strictly with any exam objectives in mind. So, you may expect a few labs too difficult (a bit out side of syllabus) but very much in the domain of essential skills.
  6. Do you provide discount for multiple licenses?
    1. yes, discounts are available for multiple licenses. Please email us at sales (at)
  7. Do you have academic licensing
    1. Yes, please email sales (at) for more details.
  8. Do you provide second license for home use?
    1. Yes, for all individual buyers, provides a second license on request for use with home or laptop computer.
  9. How long does it take to activate and use the software after buying?
    1. We provide online activation. Soon after purchase, you may activate the software online using program interface and activate the software without manual intervention. If you don’t have Internet connectivity or in the event of any problem with online activation, there is always an option for manual processing.
  10. I want to learn computer labs but not intending to write any exam such as A+ or network+. Will it be of any use?
    1. Yes, the labsims come with lots of lab exercises and provides a rich user interface. If one does experimentation on one’s own computer, it is possible that you may crash the operating sytem or damage the networking cables. Labsims provide a save virtual system administration environment.