Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a broad term used to represent a basket of marketing techniques for promoting a web based resource. The web based resource might be a product or a service or just a lead. The techniques may be categorized as below:

  1. Search Engine Optimazation (SEO): Also called on-page optimization, this technique deals with design and development of web pages for best user experience and search engine visibility. Most search engines such as Google and Bing are using Artificial Intelligence to simulate website visitor experience, and therefore, it is essential that a web page conforms to usability guidelines. In-page optimization often includes using proper meta tags, responsive design, and genuine content. Site structure and navigation are very important for search engine visibility.
  2. Search Engine Advertising (SEA): This is similar to traditional paper ads, but using a search engine such as Google or Bing. Though conceptually similar to traditional paper ads, technically, it is a very advanced topic. Due to very nature of software based advertising, various combinations are possible. To give you an example, the following ad types are available with Google search engine:
    1. Text type
    2. Image
    3. Responsive
    4. App promotion
    5. Video
    6. Product shopping
    7. Show case shopping
    8. Call only

Each of these ads come in different flavors such as “search network only”, “search with display – standard”, search with display extended, search network – mobile installs, search network – dynamic installs, display network only, etc. As may be seen, it requires a specialist to optimize the ads, else the money spent on the advertising may not yield desired results.

3. Social Media Marketing: Marketing your product or service on social media has become unavoidable with the advent of several social media sites like Twitter, Linkdin, and Facebook. Most of the social media sites provide free and paid marketing opportunities for products and/or service providers. Again, promoting on these sites require in-depth understanding of how the social sites operate and opportunities that they provide for promotion.

4. Mobile Marketing: There are various ways of marketing for mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet PCs. These include embedding ads with

5. Analytics (Google, Clicky, and others): Website analytics has become essential part of SEO, given the variations due to different parameters such as website design, load times, search engine visibility, and hacking. A good analytics software provides various parametric values such as visitor behaviour, top pages visited, keywords used, bounce rate, etc. Some analytics also provide the ability to interact with website visitor online. It may be noted that any analytics code is going to slow down the web page a little bit, and one needs to choose analytics software after ensuring that it is robust and always available.

6. Email Marketing: This is one of the oldest marketing techniques used for promotion. eMail newsletters are a good way to interact with customers from time to time to show case your product updates. Care to be taken not to spam and always provide “Remove Subscription” option to the customer.

7. Affiliate Marketing: Amazon is one of the popular websites that used affiliate marketing to its benefit. By using affiliate marketing, you allow some margin be given to the affiliate for every sale (or lead) that happens through the affiliate. The affiliates drive the visitors to your website and provided a commission for every visit that results in sale (or lead).

8. Forums and Blogs: One may be familiar with forums and blogs. By having a membership in related forums, one can actively participate in one or more relevant forums and promote one’s website by using signature URLs or content URLs where appropriate. Care to be taken not to spam, as one may get banned from posting.

9. Content Marketing: This is a very good way of promoting your product or service. Here, you create a good in-depth articles and publish on your own site or on article sites. Ensure that the articles are genuine and provide value to the visitors.

10. eCommerce Marketing: This is related to selling products on an eCommerce websites such as Amazon. One can create an account on such big eCommerce sites and promote their own products and/or services. Due to the branding of such sites, it is likely that your product or service take off soon after promoting on such sites.

11. Online Display Marketing: Use flash, banner and various other form of advertisements on third party websites.

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