Learning And Assessment Engine : Import Lesson (URL)

Import Lesson(URL) : To download lesson from Urls if the lesson provider/author has uploaded the lesson modules on web and made available through Urls.

To add a lesson through Url click on "Import Lesson (URL)".

Browse/Add Test Modules(URL) screen 6

You will be provided with a window where you can enter the URL for the .auth file. Note that only files created using author engine (.auth) can be selected. Enter a valid URL and click on "Add" button

Browse/Add Test Modules(URL) screen 6

Once the lesson is added successfully a message will be displayed for same. Click on "Ok" to continue. Please wait few seconds for engine to update and display added lesson.

Please note if the lesson is sechulded for specific date and time by the administrator you will not be able to import the lesson before time specified by the administrator.

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