Learning And Assessment Engine : Import Lesson (Local)

Import Lesson (Local): This option allows the user to add a new lesson module created using LAAS Author engine. To use this option click on "Lessons" tab.

Note: It is assumed that user already have lesson .auth file present at a known location.

1. Start the application in either Demo or full version (Demo version of the software is only for trial purpose, it has limited features and allows viewing only few lessons).

2. To import lesson using .auth file present on local storage in "Learning And Assessment Software (LAAS)" screen click on "Import Lesson (Local)" button as shown below :

Add test module screen 1

You will be provided with a window where you can select the lesson .auth (created using LAAS author engine). Note that only files created using author engine (.auth) can be selected.

Add test module screen 2

Select the file and click "Open". Once the lesson is added successfully a message will be displayed. Click on "Ok" to continue. Please wait few seconds for engine to update and display added lesson

Add test module screen 4

Use "View" button to use the added lesson.

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