Author Engine : Preview Questions

This option allows author to view the questions currently present in the database. This option is useful for author to view how the questions entered by him will be shown in CBT Software- Exam Engine.

To use this option click on "Preview" button in "Author/Question" screen.

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A new window will be open which will allow you to select number for questions. By default all questions will be selected. Enter desired number of questions and click Next

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All the selected questions will be displayed sequentially in the Exam window.

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Exam window has following options:

  • Show Answer : Use this button to view correct answer/answers for the current question

  • Previous : Use this button to view previous question.

  • Next : Use this button to view next question.

  • Flash Card : Use this button to view explanation (if provided) for this question.

  • Close : To close the exam preview.

  • Entered By : It is name of the author who has entred this question in the database.

  • Edited By : It is the name of the author who last edited the question.

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