Author Engine : Import Candidates from Excel File

This feature is used to enter candidate into the database using a excel document which contains all the candidate details required to be entered in a specific format.

To insert the candidates into the database they should be present in a particular format in excel file, to download the sample excel file click on "Download Sample Candidate Excel File" link in "CBT Author" screen.

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Sample excel file is shown below:

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Once the excel file is ready click on "Import Candidates" button in "CBT Author" screen.

Then browse and select the created excel file to start importing the candidates.

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While importing candidates from excel file if program encounters any duplicates it will give an option to skip or overwrite duplicate candidates. Select the required options in the window shown below.

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Once the candidates are inserted you will get a import successful message.

Please Note : If there are any errors present in the excel file you will be shown a error log to help to correct any issues in excel file.

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