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Add Class:

This feature can be used by the author(s) to create any number of classes. This will help the exam instructor to arrange exam in batches.

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Author can create a class, add any number of candidates to that class and schedule the exam for the class. To use this option click "Add Class" in the main Author menu.

A new window will open which will require author to enter the class name and click "Ok".

Add/Edit Group screen 2

The class created will be listed in class field when you are adding/editing candidates to assign the candidates to class.

Edit/Delete Class:

This option allows author to edit class name or remove the class completely. To use this option select "Edit/Delete Class" option from main Author menu.

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A list of all the classes will be provided, select the class name whose details you want to edit and click on "Edit" button to change the class name.

Add/Edit Group screen 2

To delete the class select the class name from the list and click on "Delete" button.

Assign Exam to Class:

This feature can be used by the author(s) to link a class to an exam so that all the candidates present in that class can take the assigned exam. To use this feature click on "Assign Exam to Class" option in main Author menu.

Add/Edit Group screen 2

A new window will open which will list all the exams present, classes, and sections in respective drop down lists

Select the exam, class and section from drop down menus and the select the groups you want to assign the exam to by selecting the check box next to the group name. Click on the save button to make changes.

Add/Edit Group screen 2

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