Learning & Assessment Software (LAAS) : Technical FAQ

1. I am having issues with the password. I clicked on the link "Forgot Password" and I have not received any.

For password recovery email please check your email spam folder too as sometimes password recovery emails get sent to spam folder.

2. I want to Randomize the examination questions such that no two students sitting close to each other will have the same question presented to them with the same number.

For all the exams when taken in "Exam Mode" by default questions and answer options are randomized. If you want to randomize question and answer options in "Learn Mode" you can do so by going to settings screen.

3. Getting error when statring application CefSharp.Core.Runtime.dll missing.

CefSharp.Core.Runtime.dll comes with microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable available at link : https://aka.ms/vs/17/release/vc_redist.x86.exe