LAAS Free Demo Installation

You can now download and install free demo of our Learning and Assessment software to try all its features. Follow the simple steps given below to install and use the demo software.

1. Downloading the laas demo software

LAAs demo software can be downloaded from the link given below:

Download Link : Download LAAS Demo

2. Installation

Open the download folder, locate the downloaded software and double click on it to start installation.

Note: The download procedure shown in this example uses Chrome. Please note that it may be slightly different for different browsers.

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Double-clicking the setup file will popup a message box asking confirmation for installation shown below. Click "Yes" to continue with the installation.

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Next step shows the License agreement that the user must accept to continue, so click on the radio button to accept and click "Next"

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Next step allows the user to choose the location to install the software. User can browse to desired location or install the software in default location provided.

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Once the user selects the destination folder, the software will be installed in the specified location, so click the button "Install" to install the software. Final step of the installer allows the user to run the application directly.Click on "Finish" button to launch the application.

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3. Start Trial

Once you run the application, you will be presented with a registration screen. Select the "Use Trial Version" option and click on Next button.

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Next screen displayed is the Learning and assessment software engine. This screen provide options to import online/offline tests, lessons and option to login as an admin/author to populate exam database. Now, click on "Login As Author" button to proceed.

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You will be presented with a form (shown below) to enter your email id, first name, and last name to start your trail.

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After entering the details click on OK button, your login details will be sent to your email id.

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You will receive login details along with trial account activation link in your email id.

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4. Login as Admin

After trail account activation you will be able to login as admin using details sent in email.

Next you will be presented with the admin/login form. Enter the details received in the account activation email to login as admin.

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On successful login you will be able to create exam question database and use all the features of the author software.

5. Server Control Panel

We provide a online portal which can be used by the administrators to view all the exams, authors and candidates created using LAAS Software. Online portal also provide options to view results of all the students who have taken the exams, their scores and detailed anaylysis of each result.

Admin can login into his account at Admin Control Panel to view results and statistics. The email id and password registered as "Admin" while using LAAS Software should be used to login into the control panel.

Use the link to login into LAAS Control Panel

Note: Any demo data entered is available only for 48 hours and will be automatically deteled.Also, demo software has limits to number of exams that can be created.

For more help on how to use each software feature visit our online help at LAAS Help

For any further queries contact us at cs[at]