LAAS - Collab Module Features

About Jitsi Collab Software: Jitsi is a collection of free and open-source multiplatform voice, video conferencing and instant messaging applications for the web platform, Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android.

Jitsi Meet is a service provided by 8x8 Inc without any support or guarantee. For complete terms and conditions, please visit

Some features of Jitsi Meet:

  • HD audio video

  • Unlimited free meeting access for up to 100 participants at a time

  • End-to-End encryption

  • Multiple participants can share their screen simultaneously

  • Remotely control other participants desktop

  • Integrations (Google, Microsoft, Slack)

Using LAAS Collab Module administrator can start a meeting and share the meeting URL with any students required to attend that meeting.

LAAS Collab also allows students to enter the meeting URL and join the meeting.

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Anand Software and Training is neighter associated or affiliated with 8x8 Inc. or any other company and the Collab software is provided by linking through the LAAS software and the Company is not resposible for performance, loss, or damage caused directly or indirectly through the use or non-usage of the Jitsi software. Anand Software and Training does not provide any support for this service. Please email us at cs @ for any clarifications or questions.