Learning And Assessment Engine : Paper Pen Exam Details

Exam Details : To use this feature in "Learning & Assessment" screen select "Paper Pen Test" tab. Then select the exam for which you want to view the details. Then in menu under "Paper Pent Test" select Exam Details option.

Exam Properties screen 1

A new window with exam details will open. 

Exam Properties screen 2

Exam Details are explained below:

  • File Name : Gives full path of the Test Module (.auth file) on current system.

  • Details :

    • Exam Name : This field displays the "Exam Name" which was provided while creating the exam.

    • Exam Number : This field displays the "Exam Number" / "Exam Code" which was provided while creating the exam.

    • Time Limit : This field is used display the time allowed to take the exam.

    • Pass Percentage : This field is used to set the pass percentage for the exam.

  • Statistics :

    • Exams : This filed is displays the number of different exams that will be made available to the candidate. Each exam will have a equal number of questions, a unique question set selected from all the questions present in the database.

    • Categories : This field displays total number of categories present in Test Module.

    • Questions : This field displays total number of questions present in Test Module.

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