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Exam Details : To use this feature select "Exam Details" under "Exam" menu in main window. This option allows you to view various details for the Test Module.

Exam Properties screen 1

A new window with exam details will open. 

Exam Properties screen 2

Exam Details are explained below:

  • File Name : Gives full path of the Test Module (.auth file) on current system.

  • Details :

    • Exam Name : This field displays the "Exam Name" which was provided while creating the exam.

    • Exam Number : This field displays the "Exam Number" / "Exam Code" which was provided while creating the exam.

    • Time Limit : This field is used display the time allowed to take the exam.

    • Pass Percentage : This field is used to set the pass percentage for the exam.

  • Statistics :

    • Exams : This filed is displays the number of different exams that will be made available to the candidate. Each exam will have a equal number of questions, a unique question set selected from all the questions present in the database.

    • Categories : This field displays total number of categories present in Test Module.

    • Questions : This field displays total number of questions present in Test Module.

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