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Add/Edit Content Titles: The contents you add can be organized into 3 levels [Level 1 (say, Subject), Level 2 (say, Topic), and Level 3 (say, Sub Topic)]. Use this option to add and edit these titles. You can have up to 3 levels.

For example : For a Maths lessons author may add "Pure Mathematics" as a Level 1 title under which "Algebra", "Calculus", "Geometry" etc are added as level 2 titles. So when a lesson is insterted the author can select the topic and specific sub topic under which the lesson is to be added.

Before you start entering content you must add at least Level 1 title. Level 2 and Level 3 titles are optional.

In author engine select create content to open content engine features.

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In the next screen select "Add/Edit Content Titles(Levels)" button to enter level titles.

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Another window will be displayed where you can enter the level names. Please ensure you select level 1 title from available drop down before you enter level 2 or level 3 titles.

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Same window also allow you to make any changes to various level titles.

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