Author Engine : Add Candidate(s)

This feature can be used by the author(s) to create any number of candidates which can take the exam.

Each candidate will have a separate login using his/her email id and password. Candidates will be able to view only their own test results.To use this option click "Add Candidate Details" in the main Author menu.

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A new window will be opened which will require author to enter following candidate details:

  • Candidate Name

  • Email Id : Each candidate should have unique email id, this will be used for login before candidate can take exam.

  • User Id : Candidates can be assigned unique ids which can be used to login before candidate can take exam. (This is an optional field)

  • Password : Any combination of alpha numeric characters. Length should be between 6 to 15 characters.

  • Link Candidate to Group : Each candidate must belong to a group/class. By default candidate will be added to default group. More details about creating group can be viewed under Add Group section.

Add/Edit Candidates screen 2

Enter all the details and click "Ok" to add the candidate.

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