Dot Net Conversion of CCNA NetSim Complete NetSim

 The conversion of Network Simulator from VB6 to .NET has been completed successfully. It may be recalled that several of new softwares such as Adobe stopped supporting VB6 applications in their latest versions (Adobe 11) and necessitated .NET conversion of VB6 projects. The software is in beta testing and may be downloaded from

Product page:

Download page:: CCNA™ Network Simulator cum Designer is a CCNA™ router and network simulator offers best price-performance ratio. You can design, build and configure your own network. The software supports 200+ router/switch commands with over 100 labs, enabling the candidate to build, test and preview a large variety of networks! CCNA™ Simulator w/Designer is suitable for:

  1. Anyone studying for the Cisco® CCNA™ 640-802 exam
  2. Deployment of routers andswitches in a LAN/WAN network environment
  3. Corporate trainers and employees
  4. Students at colleges, universities, and technical institutes