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MPLS has become very popular during recent years to accommodate gigabit switching speeds over wide area networks. Traditional IP routing uses enormous processing overhead and slows down packet switching speeds. MPLS allows packets to be forwarded by looking at the label (Just like switch looks at Layer 2) rather than having to be passed up to Layer 3 (the IP header). Each packet gets labeled on entry into the service provider’s MPLS network by the ingress router. All the subsequent routing between nodes is based only on the MPLS label that was attached by the previous MPLS enabled router. The router doesn’t have to look at IP header, thus saving enormous processing load. Alter the packet traverses though the MPLS network, the egress router removes the label(s) and forwards the original IP packet toward its final destination.

Network Simulator with Designer for CCNA has been updated to include MPLS commands and several MPLS labs. For complete list of labs included, please visit the page here:


For list of MPLS commands available, please visit here:


The software consists of hundreds of labs for hands-on practice. The simulator is intended for beginners who desires to have hands-on experience in designing and implementing router/switch network in a simulated environment.

You may download the software here:


ITIL Foundations Practice Tests – CertExams.com

certexams-logo-smallCertExams.com, a leading network simulators provider, released ITIL Foundation v3 practice tests for exam preparation. The tests consist of 300 questions with detailed answers, and provide grade sheet for the score obtained by the candidates. The important features of the exam engine consist of 1. Multiple choice questions, 2. Learn and Exam modes, 3. Answers Review, 4. Flash card explanations, and others.

About ITIL Foundations Certification:  ITIL Foundation certification is suitable for candidates who require a basic understanding of the ITIL framework and how it may be used to enhance the quality of IT service management within an organization. The ITIL Foundation Certification is also suitable to IT professionals who work within an organization that intends to adopt ITIL and improve
the IT services.

Upon successful completion of the education and examination components related to ITIL Foundation certification, candidates gain knowledge and understanding in the following areas:

  • Service Strategy: provides guidance on how to design, develop, and implement service management. It ensures that the overall business aims and strategy is supported by the IT organisations aims and strategy.
  • Service Design:provides guidance on the design of new or changed services for introduction into the live environment.
  • Service Transition:provides guidance on managing change along with risk and quality whilst ensuring IT Operations can manage those changes within the context of the ICT Infrastructure.
  • Service Operation: provides guidance on the day to day management of the ICT Infrastructure. It is also contributes to the
  • Service Management Lifecycle for carrying out those processes which contribute to the optimisation of the services provided. Continual Service Improvement: looks at the Service Management Lifecycle. It identifies opportunities for improvements in the efficiency, effectiveness of the processes and optimisation of the costs associated with service provision.
CertExams.com practice tests are available at http://www.certexams.com/ITIL/Foundation/ITIL-Founations-exam-details.htm

Please download demo exam here: http://www.certexams.com/download/itil-foundation-download.htm

Free practice questions may be viewed here: http://www.certexams.com/ITIL/Foundation/questions/itil-foundation-q1.htm

For more information, please visit the ITIL Foundation Certification page at http://www.certexams.com/itil-home.htm

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