RFCables.org – Website Update

The website RFCables.org has been updated thoroughly, and features a navigation bar that greatly improves user experience. The website offers various RF Microwave connector manufacturers, and rf cable vendors.

The site has the following sections:
1. RF Companies: This section provides various coax cable and connector manufacturers worldwide.

2. RF and Microwave Products: The products section covers several categories including rf cables, optical cables, rf and option connectors.

3.  Cable Assembly and Testing Services: The services section provides various services offered by product vendors and service provides, such as coax cable assembly, custom cable manufacturing, etc.

4. Articles on RF and Microwave Cables and Connectors: The section provides variou s articles on rf cable measurements, instumentation, and rf cable assembly techniques.

5. RF & Microwave Cable Measurement Tools: This section provides tools for computation of VSWR, Return Loss, Reflection Coefficient, and others. New tools are added from time to time.

6. Coax Cable Assembly Designer: The tool is useful for preparing a sketch or drawing of a Coax Cable Assembly using widely available connectors and cables.

Free Registration: Visitors can register for free and post relevant company information. After simple registration, one should be able to showcase their products, articles, services, and any other information on the website. Members will also be able to edit or delete their submissions at any later date.

Free submission and update: The products, services, and articles submitted can be submitted free of cost, and provides global exposer. The unique features offered include product/profile page views, clicks, and featured products/companies.

Switch Simulator Released

CertExams.com, recently released switch network simulator that supports Cisco switch IOS commands.

This software has been developed to help candidates preparing for any Cisco switching exam to get familiarized with the switch commands and labs in order to have hands-on-practice.

Features include

  1. Switch console simulator
  2. 100+ switch commands supported
  3. Support to short form commands
  4. Lab Exercises with detailed lab manual
  5. Detailed help files

The demo version of the software is limited with respect to fewer commands and labs. Once the full version is activated, the candidate can access complete list of labs and commands, and hence practice the same.

The software is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.

Product and Download Links

More information on this product is available at the below link

Download the switch simulator by visiting the link provided below