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Certexams.com CCNA NetSim with Designer is a comprehensive software suite designed for students, network engineers, and IT professionals who want to hone their networking skills and prepare for CCNA certification. This software suite includes two key components: NetSim and Designer.

NetSim is a network simulator that allows users to create a virtual network environment and practice networking skills without the need for physical hardware. It comes with a vast array of pre-built labs and scenarios, which cover topics such as subnetting, routing, switching, VLANs, and more. The labs are designed to simulate real-world networking scenarios, which helps users to develop hands-on skills and familiarity with the command line interface.

The Designer component of the software suite allows users to create their own network scenarios and customize the existing labs to suit their needs. The user-friendly drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to create networks of various sizes and complexities. Users can choose from a wide range of networking devices such as routers, switches, hubs, and firewalls to build their network topology.

One of the notable features of Certexams.com CCNA NetSim with Designer is its compatibility with Cisco CCNA exam objectives. The labs and scenarios are designed to align with the CCNA exam syllabus, making it an excellent tool for CCNA exam preparation. Users can use the software to practice and improve their skills in areas such as IP addressing, subnetting, network security, and routing protocols.

The software also provides detailed reports that allow users to track their progress and identify areas where they need to improve. The reports include information such as the time taken to complete a lab, the number of correct and incorrect responses, and a breakdown of the questions by category.

In summary, Certexams.com CCNA NetSim with Designer is an excellent tool for students, network engineers, and IT professionals who want to develop their networking skills and prepare for CCNA certification. With its wide range of pre-built labs, customizable scenarios, and compatibility with CCNA exam objectives, the software is an essential tool for anyone who wants to succeed in the world of networking.

Certexams.com Switch Network Simulator Update

CertExams - SwitchSimCertexams.com, a leading network simulator provider, updated it’s SwitchSim for iOS/JUNOS to include the following:

  • Explanation for the labs – Now most of the labs include explanation for the lab. New commands and functionalities have been explained in detail for ease of understanding.
  • Update to command sequence- Based on the user feedback, we observed that a few conditionalities are in conflict with execution of certain commands. The same have been fixed.
  • New labs – a few labs have been added.
  • Improved lab diagrams – Again, based on user feedback, some of the lab diagrams have been redone to provide clarity and readability.
  • Show commands – Several “show” command outputs have been added in the new version. It helps in understanding how to determine the configuration of the device after a particular set of configuration tasks have been followed.

About Certexams.com Switch Network Simulator (Switch Sim): It is a highly advanced virtual switch network simulator that simulates Cisco and Juniper switches in a networked configuration. Several protocols such as STP have been implemented for realistic simulation of switches. The software is primarily intended for beginners for learning purpose, and not intended for field applications or in production environment. The available labs may be found here:


Being a virtual device, the commands that are available for simulation is limited to the scope of CCNA/JNCIA. However, new commands and functionalities are added often as required to provide better user experience.

Other software available include Network Simulator for CCNA (CCNA Netsim), Juniper Network Simulator for JNCIA, Comptia A+ Labsim and Network+ labsim. Please check out the website for more details.

Anand software and training releases update on CCNA NETSIM.



Anand software and training is releasing CCNA network simulator with designer with enhanced usability very shortly. The new features include the following :

  1. Ability to bookmark the labs so that a user would be able to return to the lab at a later time easily.
  2. Ability to mark the labs as 1) in progress,  2) yet to be completed,  and 3)Completed. A user would be able to readily identity the lab status by looking at the colour coding.
  3. In addition, a progress score has been implemented that indicates the extent of lab that has been completed.
  4. It is possible to save the configuration and return at a later time to complete the rest of the lab.

CCheck out the software here :


CertExams.com Updates Juniper® NetSim for JNCIA®

CertExams.com recently updated its Juniper Network Simulator with Designer for JUNOS(TM) to include the following features:

  1. It is now possible for the users to:
    1. Bookmark the labs for reviewing later
    2. Color coding completed lab exercises, labs under progress, and labs yet to be attempted
  2. Progress bar: A progress bar indicates the extent of lab that has been completed, and what’s remaining. It indicates when the lab is successfully completed.
  3. A few bugs have been fixed

Download the software here:


Disclamer: CertExams.com is not associated with Juniper Systems. Juniper, JUNOS are the trademarks of Juniper Systems and duly acknowledged.

CCNA NetSim Updated to Provide Cisco CCP (GUI) Simulator

CertExams.com CCNA Netsim has been updated to simulate Cisco Configuration Professional (CCP) Graphical User Interface (GUI). The advantage of using CCP is that a user may configure a router or a switch by using graphical interface. A screenshot of the same is given below:

Cisco CCP Sim

A GUI quickens the learning curve required by a network administrator by providing easy to configure graphical options (such as drop-down menu, etc), and one need not remember the conventional CLI commands. The GUI closely mimics the Cisco Configuration Professional (CCP) providing a simulated environment. It also enables a user to get hands-on experience in using Cisco’s most recent CCP graphical interface.
You may download the product here:


Download CCNA NetSim. Try the software free.

Upcoming: We are now working on code signing our software products to ensure that the software is delivered to the user without being tampered, thus providing 100% virus free, and fully trusted software products.

Juniper Junos NetSim Revised!

CertExams.com has recently updated Juniper JUNOS Network Simulator. Several new features have been added that include the following:

Support for Juniper Swiches – For the first time, Juniper switches have been added to the netsim. Now on, users will be able to configure routers as well as switches using the software. It is now possible to design a Juniper network using routers as well as switches.

Lab Exercises – Several Lab Exercises have been added to include Juniper switches and routers. This provides good hands-on practice for beginners.

New Commands – New commands included for switches and routers. Switch commands for VLANs, VTPs, and others added.

Please view the product page on Juniper JUNOS Network Simulator

You can download the Juniper JUNOS Simulator